Did You Preach/Hear A Great Sermon?

Now is the time to set aside all modesty and help your brothers and sisters out. The Evergreen Project has a five-year mission to collect, create, and curate the best resources for a growing church. That means that we are going to ask YOU to help us collect and create some of these resources. And, as I am sure you would agree, your sermon is an essential part of the Generosity program in your church. Our mission is to publish a collection of sermons from the clergy of the ACNA. Depending on the response from YOU, the first edition will come out next year.

I have preached dozens and dozens of sermons on stewardship and generosity over my years. And recently, I have traveled to other churches to deliver stewardship sermons as the ‘guest preacher.’ But there is nothing as warm and effective as the pastor of a church preaching the truth of God’s Word to his/her own congregation.

So, do not be bashful. I know that many of you have done great work this Fall season and I hope you will send me one of your sermons for inclusion in our collection.

What To Do

We really will you to take a step of faith and courage with us. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Fill out the submission form here.
  2. If you have any trouble, please contact Carol at this email: TheEvergreenHelper@LeaderWorks.org. Please include your full name and the date and place where the sermon was preached. Please give your sermon a title that tells the listener/reader what the sermon is about. (In other words, “Sunday Sermon” is not enough data!) Also, please edit the audio file so that the sermon begins at the start of the file. We do not need to listen to the reading of the Bible lesson.
  3. At the end of the year, we will have then all transcribed and we will send them back to you for final editing. I can say more then, but you know that there is a big difference between the live sermon and a chapter in a book of sermons. You will have the chance to improve it, make whole sentences, and correct whatever else you’d want to in that edition. Then you will send it back to Carol.
  4. LeaderWorks and The Evergreen Project will take it from there. We will collect these sermons and get them ready for publication. We will ask you to sign some form of a release and get them published in a book that will be available as an ebook and/or as a hard copy on Amazon.

There are many reasons why someone may not want to submit their sermon audio. The setting might not be conducive for audio recording. Maybe you are not sure that you had a great sermon. Or you have borrowed heavily from the extracts or sermons on The Evergreen Project (which is what they were there for.)

There is a chance I will receive 130 sermons from all 130 churches who have revived The Generosity Box. But there is also a chance I will not receive any. But I am willing to take my chances on that. And if I received too many to reasonable listen to or read, I will form an independent jury to help select the best. (I’d love to have that problem!)

So, let me strongly encourage all preachers to do this.

How to Choose a Good Sermon

I know that writing stewardship sermons will be difficult for some. Choosing your best sermon might be easier. May I offer five criteria that should be met for a sermon to be considered.

  • Is it biblically grounded? That is, do you start with or stand on the biblical passage that you cite.
  • It is personally applicable? Do you help your people deal with some of the issues of generosity and stewardship for their own life.
  • It is well illustrated or story-pointed? If you have great points to make but do not have a way of illustrating them, you may not have a point.
  • It is appropriately transparent? Do you ‘show your work’, as it were regarding your personal approach to stewardship and generosity?
  • Is it there a clear conclusion? It is clear from the sermon that you know what you’d want your people to do?