Become a Pilot Congregation for The Evergreen Project

The Evergreen Project, in its initial stage, is looking for a number of churches within The Anglican Church in North America that will ‘field test’ some ideas, programming, and congregational emphasis. In this way, Pilot Congregations can help develop robust efforts to increase Generosity, Stewardship, and Outreach across the Province. The Rev. Canon David Roseberry, President of LeaderWorks, has been asked to serve as Guide and Curator for this Province-wide effort.

Canon Roseberry brings years of accumulated wisdom and experience in leading congregations in the area of Generosity and Stewardship. He is the author of “Giving Up,” a resource book for leaders and congregations that desire to cultivate strength in this areas of ministry life.

In a recent letter to Rectors, Canon Roseberry wrote of his hope that many Rectors could join in new work. “I hope you become a Pilot Congregation and join me in this effort. It will be a great opportunity for you to lead your church into a deeper understanding of stewardship, generosity, and outreach into your community. As we go forward together over the next five years, your work as a ‘Pilot Congregation’ will help shape the future of stewardship across the ACNA.”

Fr. Andrew Petta, an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Ft. Worth and Rector of St. Barnabas in Ft. Worth, will be assisting each of the Pilot Congregations. More information is available at the website,

Canon Alan Hawkins, the Chief Operations Officer of the Province, is excited to see this new venture begin. “The opportunity to help our congregations, new and established, large and small, in Canada and the U.S., is amazing. And I love the new website for the Evergreen Project. Don’t miss it! It is wonderfully fresh. It is the perfect combination of colors, shapes, and symbols. There is a lot there.”

What Does Being a Pilot Congregation Mean?

Pilot Congregations have a very important and creative role in The Evergreen Project. In a recent conversation with other Rectors, Roseberry outlined the benefits that will come to any parish or congregation as a Pilot Congregation. “There are at least three major benefits that I can think of right away. First, you will have a ‘first look’ at some of the programs and materials coming from the Province. Your input and wisdom will always be welcome and you will help shape our efforts. Second, you and your church will be able to access coaching and peer-to-peer assistance. Third, you will be asked to contribute your best writing, preaching, and ideas for others to adapt and adopt.”

This is an important effort of the ACNA and potential Rectors are asked to take time to think about it and pray over it. Interested Rectors are invited to sign up for more information here.